Solution to One Problem Brings Two More

An August 2 FDA warning letter provides a reminder that solving one problem can create a new problem—or more.

The letter to Coleman Peanut Co., in Petersburg VA, recites that the company uses a cat “as the firm’s pest control.” Presumably, the cat is effective because the letter contains no mention of rodents or rodent droppings.

But the letter cites two cat-related problems. You can probably guess the first one. That’s right, although there were no rodent droppings, there were cat droppings.

The second one takes some thought. What do employees do when they see a lovable kitty? That’s right: they pet it. And then they handle the peanuts, without washing their hands in between.

The FDA letter directs Coleman to provide a plan of correction for these and other problems and then be re-inspected, at Coleman’s expense. Given Coleman’s luck, the cat will probably sue for wrongful termination.


The letter is FDA Warning Letter CMS# 52087.

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